Dr. Arthur J. Deikman


Personal Freedom: On Finding Your Way to the Real World

The Observing Self

Evaluating Spiritual and Utopian Groups

The Wrong Way Home: Uncovering the Patterns of Cult Behavior in American Society

Them and Us: Cult Thinking and the Terrorist Threat



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  • Treating Former Members of Cults


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"Allow the Source of Being to maintain contact with you: IGNORE the impressions and opinions of your customary self. If this self were of value in your search, it would have found realization for you. But all it can do is to depend upon others." - Amin Suhrawardi


"To be mindful is to detach from fixed ideas and from preconceptions; and not to try to avoid what comes to your consciousness." – Abdul Hakim


"Do not look at my outward shape, but take what is in my hand.” - Rumi