Intentions, Attitudes and Agreements in our Work

"Because of real necessity, new organs of perception, power and action emerge. Thus, increase your true necessity!" - Rumi


Our commitment is:


1. Help you to help yourself. Not just help you. This work is based on free will and on the consciousness of your need of evolution. This deep consciousness of true need is what brings out your most sublime potential, which is existent - by birthright – in all Human Beings, waiting to be developed consciously and voluntarily. This work depends on an act of absolute and personal will and is based on the Law of Evolution, which dictates, ”Conscious necessity evokes latent potential.”


2. The major purpose of this work is “TO KNOW OURSELVES TO KNOW OUR ESSENTIAL BEING AND THUS OUR GOD.” In the paradigm of this work, suffering is not a sickness. Suffering like physical pain is a manifestation of the Wisdom of the Essence, and has a function, has a “for what” more than a “why”. Suffering and pain attracts attention to a point where it needs to be perceived; suffering and pain, by inviting attention to a specific point, creates awareness, perception, consciousness. For us, there are only people who are suffering due to an absence of self-knowledge and hence self-development and evolution of one’s essential potential. People can exist in a state where they do not have the active powers of a fully developed Human Being; they have all powers and capacities solely in their essence and in an embryonic condition. These “half-developed people”, when in their lifetime they face situations in which these powers are required to be active and functioning, do not perceive and recognize sufficient strength within themselves and do not detect sufficient resources to “respond with ability”. The result of this confused and obscure experience is the assumption that, in fact, these capacities do not exist and the creation or reinforcement of negative beliefs about one’s own self. These people construct with these negative beliefs a self-image, which contains a great deal of self-depreciation and doubts about themselves, their power, their capacities and of their ability to respond effectively to the challenges of life. They believe and imagine themselves and their existence as something badly made or faulty and conclude from this imaginary construction and from these destructive beliefs that life is too difficult for them, that it is very unjust and countless other negative conclusions about themselves as well as life in general.


All these notions generate doubt, hesitation, uncertainty, fear, resentment, jealousy, frustrations and much hate, which is directed towards themselves and their existence. All this suffering only exists because we do not really know ourselves and consequently we do not achieve a direct perception of ourselves, a perception of the Essential Self. These direct perceptions do not arise from an accumulation of acquired information, interpretations and external ideas; but by pure “insight” and by means of mindfulness. If direct perception of the essential being occurs, it will lead us to a profound sense of gratefulness and pleasure for being who we really are: “TRUE HUMAN BEINGS.” The privation of self-knowledge, for us as the Teachers in this Work, is an example of lacking self-esteem, meaning, limited direct perception of and thus no knowledge of one’s essential self.


This is the reason for the ubiquity of the inferiority complex, where people believe themselves to have less power than they naturally possess, and even begin to think that this attitude is the lauded and misunderstood virtue of humility.


They confuse real humility with humiliation, degradation and shame towards other Human Beings. They fail to understand real humbleness towards the Unique Source of BEING, the All Powerful. In the same way that this self-ignorance creates an inferiority complex, this ignorance also creates distortion of the superiority complex, which is the illusion of having more powers than one actually possesses and having more powers than others. This type of imagination builds a false sense of security, a type of self-deception, which is worse than the inferiority complex because these “positive fantasies”, which lead us to a false sense of wellbeing, distance us from the search for the Essential Self, the true Self. Someone who thinks that he is already powerful will not search these powers “again”. This attitude and imaginations inhibit one from really using and manifesting the true powers. Believing and fantasizing with these imaginary powers is very dangerous because when life demands the use of these capacities, we do not find them functioning - and the consequence is disruption. It would be like the man who thought himself to be a great driver, living off his dreams of driving beautiful and powerful cars, but when he had to drive his wife to the hospital in an emergency, he did not find these capacities available; the fortunate thing is that he could find a taxi, however his excuse was that he was too nervous to drive.


There is a fundamental paradigm in this Work that we call the “evolutionary paradigm”, which we are interested in - rather than searching for the “why”s of suffering, we search for the evolutionary comprehension of the “for what”s: like the functionality of physical pain, which protects us by drawing our attention to and creating an awareness of our “trajectory of collision” with some object, giving us the opportunity to change course and avoid the consequences. If we attend to the emotional and mental suffering with real interest and mindfulness, it will lead us to an awareness and consciousness by which we can perceive the “separation” and unconsciousness of our Real Self, giving us the possibility to decide to change to a state of consciousness of the Essential Self ... In addition, this knowledge permits us to design the technology which will be necessary for the seeker’s most prompt development in accordance with the level of his consciousness.


3. We want you to know that this Work is based on sophisticated methods of learning. We call these methods “psycho-didactic”. You came to us to learn to perceive yourself directly and thus to truly comprehend yourself. You are coming as a student of your Real Self, which is your essential mystery only veiled by “distraction”; you do not come as a sick person or as a patient. You do not come to be healed of some illness; you come only to become wiser. We are facilitators, helpers; we are the so-called professors or mentors, only because we have passed through the same processes that you need to pass through, we have faced the same difficulties that you need to transcend. We are not doctors or medics. You come technically to “learn how to learn”, to learn the know-how to “perceive and develop” the capacities and powers which lie latent within you, which are continually giving off signals, asking to be attended to, to be focalized and perceived. We are here to help you Attend – Perceive – Recognize – Admire – and Love this precious Essence and then integrate this “priceless gem” into your life. We are committed only to serve your Real Self, the True One and only him. That is our goal - once you have learned what there is to be learned, you can become independent as soon as possible, continuing your way and learning in an autodidactic manner. Thus, our aim is like any school, which focuses on the priorities of the student. Our goal is called Psycho-transformism, which is the “transforming yourself into what you are in Essence”. Remember you haven’t lost your Real Self, you are not separated from you Real Self, but you have only ignored, or are unconscious of the Essence that you really are. Never do you try to transform yourself into somebody else, according to the relative external rules of the surrounding culture or of the environment, or by copying and imitating someone else or the model that others dictate to you.


4. This work is not incompatible with other medical or psychiatric treatment and should not be confused with anything of that kind, and neither does it substitute them, even if by chance such treatments should be indicated by the teachers. It does not discriminate race, culture or religion; we are concerned with the existence of a genuine interest in the search of what is Essential True, in self-development and evolution.


5. None of the school, the facilitators or the professors has any rights over the private life of the student, his belongings, decisions or any other matter outside the strict area corresponding to the study and its technology, which we are presenting.


Nor do they have any responsibility for what you do in your personal life and any other type of decisions you take. They do not have any right to exert authoritarianism or paternalism, despite the fact that the student who, while still dominated by confused desires and false necessities, desires these types of low relationships. These kinds of connections are the antithesis of the Work and produce only adverse results, infantilism and bitter fruits.


6. The professor commits himself to unite his efforts with those of the student, in the search and investigation of what will be necessary in the area of study and practices, uniquely connected to the Internal Work presented here, in this declaration. If by chance the professions of doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, etc. correspond to any of the persons who also act as professors or mentors in the Work, in the event that their professional services are desired by the student in the relevant area of expertise, the responsibility to research the credentials or professional certificates lies with the student.


7. This agreement regarding the Work can be suspended by either side at any time as desired, when one considers it convenient, without the necessity to give explanations, with the simple manifestation of the “I want”. This is a work which is based on “free will” and an attitude of mature search, self-cultivation and not on childishness, paternalism or any other relationship of dependence.


8. The professors pledge that their education and capacity to help are based on personal direct experience acquired in their own personal process in the Inner Work and under the direction of professionals in this Essential Work and they can thus serve only on the level that their self-development and practical experience enable them to. All the work is based on the ability of brain to make a “constructive conception” or the operating hypothesis of potential, not on dogmatization or on imposing beliefs and inculcating conditionings. Our technology seeks a decrease in the limiting effects of these restrictive perceptive conditionings. We start with “unlearning”. It is absolutely forbidden to use any tool or method of manipulation, which employs states of fear, guilt, reward and punishment, indoctrinated hopes and fears, vain and magical promises, meaning or any type of conditioning systems. That is why the student is only asked to familiarize himself with and approach the ideas of the Work. The student has to set limits to any attitude of the helpers when he perceives that they are trying to use any of the methods of influence we mentioned earlier. In this work, there can be no intent to indoctrinate the mind of a student with concepts like the “infallibility of some sacred authority” or anything that would seem like excommunication or threats of this kind.


9. The qualified professors and/or mentors will have to show their credentials, issued by our school, the “Society for Understanding of Fundamental Ideas”. Once these points have been clarified, and if you accept them, YOU ARE WELCOME.


If you wish, please contact us using our contact form in the relevant section of this website.


- The Society for Understanding of Fundamental Ideas