Society for Understanding of Fundamental Ideas

Promoting Research, Knowledge and Development of the latent Faculties of the Human Being


"Because of real necessity, new organs of perception,  power and action emerge. Thus, increase your true necessity!" - Rumi

The Human being is barely in a process towards the development of his latent potential, his faculties and powers are hardly at his disposition. This condition of underdevelopment creates distorted and limiting ideas in the human being and about his self and his power. Within this lack of consciousness of his greater and profound reality, he develops narrow paradigms about himself and an empty reality which makes him live with a profound helplessness and powerlessness to manage the complexities of his own internal and external life that he has to live as a human being.


Although through the technological development it seems like the Human Being is developing himself; (however) this development relates to only some small areas of life. In terms of his essential internal potential, his Being-Will-Power, His True Knowledge of him, his real will, his profound consciousness, his capacity to decide, intention, voluntary attention and many other existing powers in his natural being, we can observe that these hardly appear in his daily life. All sciences which have tried to study the Human Being, tried to uncover this mystery called “Human Being”, it shows us the immense need to construct in the mind a clear conception of these latent potentials, free of the pre-conceptual paradigmatic limits created by ignorance of what the human being really is, so we can arrive at a personal experience of our powers and achieve consciousness of the existence of these powers and capacities to thus be able to develop them.


This consciousness and development is what allows us to understand the “what for” of this existence, (and) as such value and appreciate the fact that we are alive. Also, many of the studies about the Human Being show us that the “state of happiness” which we search for, is intimately related with the development of these faculties, remembering that the emptiness and the sensation of deficiency which the majority of us feel, is only an illusion that generates suffering, which is founded on the in-consciousness of this immense potential which we carry in our internal essence.


Just like someone who enters a dark room and can see nothing, similarly, we can perceive little or nothing of our essential reality because of the lack of light of the internal consciousness. But different to the one who enters the dark room and switches on the light to see what is in there, we, upon not knowing our perceptive situation, don’t try to switch on this “internal light”, because we believe that we are perceiving everything which there is to perceive, concluding overly hasty that there is nothing else inside us, but pure darkness. So we go out into the world trying to add things from the outside to our inside with the illusion of being able to fill this supposing empty darkness.


This false perception of lacking, creates a myriad of false necessities and by trying to fulfil them to “be happy one day”, we dedicate all our life to this, but without arriving at this so awaited moment of happiness and completeness. Because of this, the necessity to awake us to the inner reality, that which we are searching, always is present and always will be in our Essential Self. This is our birthright, and to be benefited by this heritage we only need to “switch on the light” of Consciousness and perceive the abundance we have within our essential human existence.


Once this being is discovered and revealed and its amazing potential, each one of the believes of emptiness, deficiency and impotence vanish, at the same time we can respond with very different abilities to the true needs that the objective existence presents to us. The law of evolution is clear: ”Conscious necessity evokes latent potential.”. Also we are told:” The conscious objective provides the means.” If we are conscious of the existence of this potential and of the necessity of developing this self-knowledge and unveil these capacities, and we understand the happiness and completeness in which we may live thanks to this evolution, those very same factors of clear perception awake the internal impulse so the internal potential can flourish.


The human being learns many things in the course of his life, but he learns little concerning how to Attend – Perceive – Recognise – Admire – and Love his essential self, he learns very little about how he can work with himself. The basis of our apparent problems, as such of our sufferings and sensation of frustration, is interpreted in a distorted way and thus inhibiting us to arrive at a precise diagnosis.


This happens because we live in ignorance of ourselves and in disuse of our powers and capacities, which are the internal tools which we count on from our birth on to fulfil our utmost essential destiny just as finding happiness and manifest it. Many human beings are content with only a very insignificant portion of this potentiality, being complacent existing in an inferior level compared to the higher potentials, which could be lived.


This excessive complacency is the major veil for the development of the human being. This complacence is the antithesis of the true necessity, which motivates and provokes these latent faculties to become active and as such manifest. The other equally important veil is “negativity” in which we find ourselves for harbouring strong believes of incapacity, impotence and impossibility, where we completely negate the existence of these powers… In this way, we repress every consciousness of its existence and the necessity to discover them, as such preventing their activation.


The same extensive paradigm that “we came to this life to suffer” or that we are here for some kind of punishment reinforces the belief that there is no escape inside our Self for this type of pain and existential suffering. We believe that it has to be part of this “inherited punishment”.


The cynic attitude in this area and the lack of vision of these possibilities is what leads us to despair and to self-doubt, which incapacitates us, it is what we are trying to eliminate first, to be able to attend with sincerity and true interest this internal Self and be capable to open ourselves to the revelations which flow from the Essence to our most awake consciousness. We intend to help those that are “ in need” and therefore that have true interest in the development of perception… those that can “Conceive Constructively”, can “give light” about themselves and their future outside of the paradigmatic blindness made from the pre-conceptions about themselves and life and as such evoke these higher essential possibilities of the Human Being.


Through this process of clarification of the consciousness we can start to perceive directly our essential self and as such experiment for ourselves the direct vision or intuition of this immense latent potential and prove the taste of our essential destiny.


This new perception of us only needs a trained attention and a mind which is free of limiting preconceptions and which can host in his core the existence of these capacities.


The “Society for Understanding of Fundamental Ideas” has the purpose to be of service as a guide and help in this line of evolutionary action proposed in this statement. We desire that everyone that has real necessity will always find his way.



- The Society for Understanding of Fundamental Ideas



"Allow the Source of Being to maintain contact with you: IGNORE the impressions and opinions of your customary self. If this self were of value in your search, it would have found realization for you. But all it can do is to depend upon others." - Amin Suhrawardi


"To be mindful is to detach from fixed ideas and from preconceptions; and not to try to avoid what comes to your consciousness." – Abdul Hakim


"Do not look at my outward shape, but take what is in my hand.” - Rumi